We are partners of Catchbox because we wanted to provide our clients with funky technology to help make events more of a dialogue as opposed to a one way monologue. Tired of waiting for the handheld microphone to be passed around, we thought; what about making it throwable? Turns out, not only is this faster, but it also makes events more engaging and fun.

vision sound & light catch box
vision sound & light catch box vision sound & light catch box
vision sound & light catch box

Fast, Fun and Easy

With Catchbox, getting audiences to participate becomes as easy as throwing them the box. Because this is faster and easier than passing a handheld microphone, questions, comments, and discussion become more spontaneous and can occur throughout a presentation or lecture, not just at the end.

Breaks The Ice & Lightens the Mood

Most people are afraid of speaking in front of their peers, limiting discussion. The playful Catchbox easily breaks the ice and lightens the mood at any event. Participation becomes more relaxed, fun, and game like. This means even the quietest attendees aren't afraid to speak up, and that the all important “silly obvious” questions get asked.

Simple Is Powerful

No technology is effective if people don’t know how to use it. This is why people love the Catchbox, as it doesn’t require elaborate explanations, or manuals to understand; It's just like a normal wireless microphone but you throw it. It automatically mutes the audio when the device is in the air or is being dropped. All you need to do is talk into the box.

Light & Soft

The Catchbox is made from a combination of durable light foams and technical fabrics, making it extremely light for its size as well as durable. All the hard electronic components are hidden inside, ensuring that dropping and throwing the device won’t damage the device or the person catching.

Active Automute

To avoid unwanted noises caused from throwing and dropping, Catchbox comes with a patent pending technology called Automute. Automute senses the motion of the Catchbox and temporarily switches off the audio when the device is thrown, caught or dropped.

Professional Sound Quality

Catchbox was designed first and foremost to have great audio quality. Not only has the frequency response of the mic been optimised for speech, but the special construction of the device eliminates all handling noises, whilst the automute feature mutes the mic when it is dropped or thrown.