Maintenance and Repair

Whenever you are using audio visual products you are likely to be in front of an audience or a class full of students. This means that a failed presentation, a disrupted training session/lesson or an aborted video conferencing call, can all represent a missed opportunity and lead to financial loss or embarrassment.

That is why we have developed a comprehensive range of maintenance services for our clients.

Our service engineers are regionally based to provide cover across Scotland. They are a very experienced team having spent many years in the audio visual industry. They have various qualifications and skills from Infocomm accredited Certified technology Specialists (CTS) to television engineers to induction loop specialists.

On-site Maintenance Contracts

Our most popular maintenance service. These are available with a range of options designed to give you complete flexibility over the type of cover that best suits your requirements and budget.

On-site Technicians

Does your organisation need an on-site technician, either part-time or full-time, to set up rooms, organise video conferences, act as first line technical cover and generally provide reassurance and on-site support on a daily basis.

If so we can find a mutually acceptable candidate from our pool of contacts, provide the necessary training on the AV aspects of the role. We will also provide cover for holidays, sickness and any events that occur outside normal working hours.